MTV - Viva

Branded conducted a major rebranding project for MTV involving the transformation of their biggest UK channel, TMF.

TMF was a music and entertainment channel available on Freeview. It enjoyed a large audience but it also had problems. Whilst many watched, few were engaged. The brand was tired and lacked ‘schoolyard’ or ‘workplace’ cache.

MTV asked us to help them mend TMF. After a programme of research and analysis we developed a new strategy that identified and met a real consumer need.

MTV took this new strategy and implemented it. They commissioned new shows like ‘Pants Off Dance Off’. Their advertising agency created the ‘Up Your Viva’ campaign which has became a schoolyard chant and spawned a disturbingly large Facebook and Youtube copycat following.

And it worked. Viewer numbers leapt 37% and viewing sessions lengthened by 12%.

"We found Branded to be both creative and strategically robust. This is a rare and precious combination."
Kerry Taylor, SVP Marketing